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Whitney Houston Day?

Why does the fact that Whitney Houston struggled with drug addiction diminish the value of her life (as a human being) and the sadness of her death? I get that people don’t understand the hoopla. But I don’t understand why any time someone famous dies and the world becomes sad, that people always get angry that fallen soldiers don’t get the same response. What makes her (or any other celebrity’s) death different than that of a soldier’s, is that the whole world didn’t know that soldier (even if that soldier was fighting for the world). Does that make his death any less meaningful or any less sad…of course not. And every year we have a nationally observed day dedicated to mourn the loss of all of those that we have lost to war (even though it has been relegated to beach trips and furniture sales…but that’s a whole other tirade). Will that ever feel like enough to the family who lost that person…absolutely not!!  No one is trying to liken Whitney Houston to a fallen war hero, nor create a national holiday around her…but we all “knew” her to some extent, her face, her voice.  She touched so many of us.  This is a loss of someone that we feel we know, we have the NEED to mourn her.  By broadcasting these famous funerals, it gives each of us the opportunity to do just that.  A funeral is not meant to deify a person, but it gives the living a chance to reminisce, pay respects, and get a bit of closure.  And even if you still don’t agree, fine.  But don’t say “She was a junkie, good riddance.”  We have all known someone who has battled/is battling addiction…or perhaps battled (or continue to battle) it ourselves.  Do they deserve to die because of that struggle?  Do we just blow it off when they die? Someone loved that person…in spite of their vices.  And whether it is drugs, rage, jealousy, work, etc…we ALL have our vices.  And we will ALL die.  Regardless of the cause/manner of death, no one deserves to be verbally spit on, especially on the day of their funeral.  What if the next time a soldier dies, we all shout about the way he beat his wife after he got PTSD or was a crackhead (NEVER!) and say that he doesn’t deserve an American flag draped over his coffin?  Have some manners, people!!


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