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Decisions, decisions

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It also makes Jamie a not-so-hot mother/wife/friend/person/you-name-it.  It is inevitable that my full time job gets most of my time and attention, and everything else in my life gets the leftovers, which usually isn’t much.  But…we need my income to live. Not just at the level we are used to…but comfortably.  Although, I can’t even say that I’m comfortable now. Not only do I never have any time for anything other than work, we barely have money to pay the bills. And now that my mother-in-law will no longer be keeping the kids, we are looking at $800/month just for child care (which is still MUCH cheaper than if the kids were in daycare, but it’s still $800 a month just for me to go to work to still barely make ends meet and never be able to see [i.e., RAISE] my children).  However, this is just how life is, right? The American dream. Pssh!  So now I’m contemplating other options…perhaps working part-time nights/weekends so that I’m available during the day.  Or maybe not working at all.  That would be a financial nightmare…one that my school loan and car note (not to mention mortgage) don’t seem to want to allow for.  Hmmm…would it be worth it to have medicaid and food stamps, but not go to work? I would trade in one set of worries/stressors (no time) for another (no money). Sometimes it seems like a no brainer: time is always more valuable than money.  But when the reality is that you truly don’t have enough money every month to meet your needs, it takes you to a whole new level of miserable.  I don’t know that I’m ready to embrace that. All I know is that this is not working.  But I don’t really have a solution.


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