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My heart’s deepest desire

The following article is written by a young woman coming to terms with having ALS:


Even though I help terminally ill people come to grips with their illness and focus on living each day until they are no longer living, becoming terminally ill has to be one of my worst fears. Ever since I became a mom, my prayer has always been “Dear God, please let me live long enough to see my children grow up.”  I want them to be old enough to not need a mom…not that such an age exists. But I want them to be able to remember me. I want them to know for the rest of their lives, based on their own personal experiences (versus being told by others), that I truly love them to heaven and back. I appreciate this woman’s honesty. I think I would probably wrestle with some of the same things. But I hope that, like her, at the end of the day, I could find my inner strength and commit to forging ahead…taking each day, each moment, each hug, each glance captive and savoring it in my heart forever.

We should really strive to live each day like that anyway…


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