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A True Test in Self-Control

tennis shoes[Note: Apparently the hyperlink ads are a necessary evil of having a free wordpress blog. I’m sorry.]

After about 3 weeks of abstaining from Facebook, I was approached by a friend/Beachbody Coach who was thinking of me. Our conversation ended with me signing up for a 30-day fitness challenge group. Part of the group participation involves checking in on FB daily, to touch base with other participants, and to experience increased support and accountability. While the FB part is not mandatory, it helps maintain focus and momentum…gotta keep my eye on the prize (gotta get my sexy back ;-)…although my sweet husband would say I never lost it). So…not only do I need to actually exercise daily AND eat better, but I also need to limit my FB time to JUST the group stuff. Not only am I looking forward to the physical benefits, but hopefully the personal development that comes from actually exhibiting some self-restraint. 🙂


One thought on “A True Test in Self-Control

  1. LOVE IT and you got this! Remember you only have to check into the group once a day! i find myself checking in more than that and have to stop myself! Change is good and I’m excited for you! SMILES!

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