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Anna & Elsa

I have seen Frozen…twice (once was the singalong)…and I absolutely LOVE it!! Downloaded the  entire soundtrack (including the score). “Let It Go” gave me chills every time I heard it. I loved that particular song so much I immediately downloaded the sheet music for it. But I really feel like Anna/Kristen Bell is kind of getting the shaft. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Idina…she is amazing!! But Kristen Bell did such a great job; and Anna is such an endearing character.

Halfway into the movie the first time I saw it, I was puzzled (and maybe a little disappointed) that Elsa wasn’t the main character. She didn’t have many lines. She only really sang one song. What a minute. ANNA is the main character?! I felt a little misled and gypped. All the commercials made it seem like the movie was about Elsa. But as the movie went on, I absolutely fell in love with Anna. Her optimism, her awkwardness, her sincerity, and her persistent love made me feel warm through the entire film. And her songs are so much fun to sing!!

It was Anna’s love that not only saved Elsa, but it also saved herself! I loved the plot twist that the true love did not have to be bestowed upon her, but that she could be the one to love and to change her own fate. It’s no secret that Frozen is not your typical fairy tale. Anna is no typical princess. Hans is no typical prince. And Kristoff is no typical knight in shining armor. 

One of my favorite songs is “Fixer Upper” because it talks about real love. It’s not all romance and beauty. It’s not perfect. But we can bring out the best in people by showing them love. The song was sung to Kristoff and Anna…painting Kristoff as loveable, even with all of his flaws. However, the song also applied to Anna’s relationship with Elsa. It was her love for her sister that helped bring out Elsa’s best. 

I guess I’d like to see Anna, the heroine, get the hype she deserves. 


(maybe this isn’t blog-worthy, but I just felt like sharing..It’s 1:30am, sorry if it’s mangled)




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