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Why A Million Pennies?

pennySee a penny, pick it up;
  All the day you’ll have good luck.

See a penny, let it lay,
Bad luck you’ll have all day.

For whatever reason, this little superstition has stuck with me since I was just a little girl. I can’t pass a penny without picking it up. Sometimes I roll my eyes at myself and this compulsion. What’s a penny? I see them strewn all over the ground like they’re worthless anyway.

Then one day I started thinking: A penny is NOT worthless. Even a million dollars in pennies is still a million dollars. Every penny makes a difference.

The same is true with the events of my life. A wonderful life does not have to consist of huge greatness everyday. Beauty can be found when you choose to look for and pick up all the pennies along the way. I can be rich beyond measure if I just change my perspective. Stop looking for hundred dollar bills and start collecting all the pennies…there are SO many!! I just have to open my eyes!

Soooo…that is what this space is for. Similar to my 2013 Jar of Happiness, this is a place for me to collect (and revisit and share) all my “pennies.” My hope is that instead of looking at all the wonderful things I don’t have, I’m going to be overwhelmed by all the invaluable blessings that befall me daily.

***Note: Yes, I realize that a million pennies does not equal a million dollars. I even knew that as I was setting this thing up. But…I had a brain fart in the midst of establishing the name…and thus, A Million Pennies was born. And, frankly, “A Million In Pennies” just didn’t look good with no spaces in between it. 😉


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